Friday, July 13, 2007

Blog 3: Beijing

Welll...having recorded all that I need for the updated China arrangement last evening, we packed our rucksacks and headed off for the Great Wall of China. Now, I don't really like crowded touristy places...and this confirms it! I mean, there was a street vender (wall
vendor?) with a waving Mao watch at every turn...and Denis bought eight of them! Even this did not keep them at bay. But the best part was pulling my new four piece TFO fly rod outfit out of it's velour and running through a bunch of false casts on top of the wall. I had plenty of stares and more than a few eager participants willing to let me guide their first attempts to toss a line...over the Great Wall. Relating to this, quite a lot of nationals came up wishing to have their picture taken with me. It was explained to me later that I had a "big nose"...something apparently enviable to have here in China. My nice BIG NOSE is now part of many family photo albums!

Tomorrow morning we head to Kunming in south China where the unexpected awaits us. I hear that a major road trip into the mountains is in the works. The region is known for a wide range of ancient music from a variety of ethnic groups. I'm really looking forward to recording it!


P.S. The name of the ladies choir I recorded last night translates to "Spring Art".


Knick said...

How on earth I am the first to comment, I will never know. Consider this blog bookmarked, and I will be checking often.
All credit to the origin of my interest in scoring goes to three men: Vince Guaraldi, David Vanacore, and last but not least, you, Mr. Russ Landau. Reading about this excites me greatly. I cannot wait to learn what you discover next, and I look forward to discovering it myself.

Louise said...

Hi..currently watching Pirate Master in Australia and have ADORED all your survivor music but the Pirate Master theme just absolutely floors me! Please please please is there anyway to listen to a longer version or purchase it for that matter?

Louise said...

PS: Have you named the song? If so can you divulge the name please :) Having trouble also listening to most of your other music as its only possible from the states :(

Knick said...

This new China information pouring in is the only thing that will tear me away from listening to the Pirate Master theme over and over. I would also love to hear if there's a name for it and any and all information about it. I pray there is a second season accompanied with a reason to adapt the song, ala Ancient Voices.

anderfan360 said...

Ok... Mr. Russ, I just came back from a trip to China and Survivor has been on my mind. I was at the Temple of Heaven and along a corridor that leads to the the Temple there are elderly performers who in their spare time practice there. Some sing, some play the erhu (which I'm sure you'll include in the theme, because its the most well known Chinese instrument), and most intriguing, some play a special bamboo castanets that if played well produces a very unique percussion beat. You should really take a look into the sound if you have a chance! If you need a video to clarify what I mean, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to forward you a video of this said castanet sound.

KAYNE said...

Hi,Russ.I am a survivor fan who living in Hong Kong.I really love to listen the theme songs and the background fade songs that you made...They are really nice.I have a suggestion to you about the Ancient Voices of China, I think that you may find some graceful,classic voices,however,this is a big challenge.I think that if the songs are too classic or graceful,the songs will be boring.So!Be Careful and GO ON!!!Good luck.

P.S. My English is poor,I am so sorry =[